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Entry #5

New day new Tracks!

2009-07-25 05:41:15 by JohnMcNeal

Hello Newgrounders!

Today I got two more tracks for our library!

- ACTRAISER: Birh of People (Its the Remastering of the great Overworldtheme from the SNES GAME)
- FALLING IN LOVE <3 (For everyone who is in Love and likes that feeling!)
((Woa I'm shocked that this Song is rated so bad! VOTE 4 LOVE :D))
Have a nice Day!


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2014-08-20 06:51:51

Wow do you still come on just wondering

JohnMcNeal responds:

It's been a long time... but yeah it happens... sometimes... when the stars align. XD


2017-06-23 17:08:40

Cool LOL